PowerPoint – Add a Poster Frame to your Video

When you add a poster frame, it provides viewers with a preview image of your video. Here’s how to use a frame from the actual video or an image you have saved somewhere else.

Use a frame from your video

  1. Click Play to begin playing the video.
  2. Play the video until you see the frame that you want to use as your poster frame, and then click Pause.
  3. Under Video Tools, on the Format tab, in the Set Poster Frame group, and then click Current Frame.

Use an external image

  1. Select the video on the slide.
  2. Under Video Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click Poster Frame, and then click Image from file.

Note: If you want to remove the Poster Frame at any point of time, simply navigate to the Poster Frame drop-down gallery, and choose the Reset option.