Internet Colour Space

Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft propose the addition of support for a standard colour space, sRGB, within the Microsoft operating systems, HP products, the Internet, and all other interested vendors.

The aim of this colour space is to complement the current colour management strategies by enabling a third method of handling colour in the operating systems, device drivers and the Internet that utilizes a simple and robust device independent colour definition.

This will provide good quality and backward compatibility with minimum transmission and system overhead. Based on a calibrated colourimetric RGB colour space well suited to Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors, television, scanners, digital cameras, and printing systems, such a space can be supported with minimum cost to software and hardware vendors.

The intent here is to promote its adoption by showing the benefits of supporting a standard colour space, and the suitability of the standard colour space, sRGB.

System issues and methodology support for sRGB and colour management on the World Wide Web.

Source: A Standard Default Color Space for the Internet – sRGB